Bulk URL Opener

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How To Use Bulk Url Opener

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Bulk URL Opener is a browser extension allowing you to open multiple links simultaneously. This extension can be very useful for those who need to open several web pages simultaneously for various purposes, such as research or work. Furthermore, this extension is accessible for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Sometimes it's challenging to access the links you are working with all at the same time. Furthermore, when you are trying to meet a deadline or conducting important research, using a URL opener tool will help you in boosting productivity. Additionally, with this Multiple URL Opener extension, you can practically cut short the time of juggling links and get a head start on your work.

Steps to use the Link Opening Extension 

Here, we will take you through the process of using the URL Opener Extension with comprehensive step-by-step instructions to streamline your web experience.

Step 1: Install the Extension

To get started, you need to install the Bulk URL Opener Extension in your web browser. You can find the extension on the Chrome Web Store. There, tap on the “Add to Chrome” button, and the extension will be installed in your browser. After that, tap on the pin icon to affix the extension.  

Step 2: Collect Your URLs

Next, you need to collect the URLs you want to open. You can copy and paste the URLs into a text file or save them in a spreadsheet. It is essential to ensure that each URL is on a separate line, as the extension reads each line as a separate link.

Step 3: Open the Extension

Once you have collected your URLs, you can open the extension by clicking on its icon in the browser toolbar. You should see a text box where you can paste or type your URLs.

Step 4: Open the URLs

After you have entered your URLs into the text box, you can then click the “Open” button. The extension will then open all of your URLs in separate tabs in your browser, allowing you to switch between them easily.

Step 5: Adjust the Settings

The Bulk URL Opener Extension has several settings that you can adjust to suit your needs. For example, you can set the extension to open the links in the same window or in new windows. You can also adjust the number of tabs that are opened at once. These settings can be accessed by clicking on the extension’s icon and then clicking on “Options.”

Smart Functions of URL Opener

You can better understand the Multiple URL Opener Extension by knowing its key functions. Here is a detailed overview of all the functions. After following the below-listed points, you’ll be able to use the extension more extensively.

1. Get List Of Currently Open Tabs: This function can further save you from the extra effort by doing the smart work for you. Tap on this button, and you'll get a complete rundown of all the links currently open in your browser. 

2. Open Links: Using this button will help the users in opening the list of URLs simultaneously. Furthermore, the links saved will only be deleted or removed if you do them. If you exit the window or shut down the system by mistake, you can access all the URLs with this button. 

3. Open Links In New Window: If you don’t want to open the links in the same window, you may re-access them in different windows with this function. 

4. Clear, Edit, and Delete List: Users can further organize their list of URLs by performing any of the functions they prefer.

The Bulk URL Opener Extension is a convenient tool for anyone who needs to open multiple links at once. With just a few clicks, you can open all of your URLs in separate tabs, saving you time and making your browsing experience more efficient. Try this browser extension today to streamline your browsing experience.

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