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Bulk URL Opener Tool - Load multiple URLs at Once

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Opening and closing several tabs on a system is a chaotic part of our daily life. And we only have a solution to it once or unless the Bulk URL opener comes. When it comes to defining, it is an online URL opener extension that you need to install on your system to list or combine these open tabs in one place. So you can open all these tabs collectively and resume your work where you have left off. Moreover, you can solve these daily work-life hassles using these online URL openers extensions such as Bulk URL Opener and Multiple URL Opener. 

It helps you by letting you open several tools simultaneously with a single click. All you have to do is copy-paste the links you need to open in a new tab. Furthermore, installing this Bulk URL opener extension can be extremely helpful if you indulge in a profession like digital marketing, content writing, or researching. So your work can be easily done in a faster, more secure, or more reliable mode.  


How to Use Bulk URL Opener?

Three easy steps lead you towards using a Bulk URL opener on your system. So let’s get started, 

1. Initially, you need to copy URLs that you want to open in a new tab. 

2. Ensure that all the URLs must be: Comma-separated, there is Space between two URLs, and Each URL is in the next/new line. 

3. Lastly, it would help if you pasted URLs into SpreadMe online URL opener tool.

4. And that’s how it starts showing results within a second.

Beneficial Attributes of Bulk URL Opener?

Here you have some beneficial attributes that can enhance your working experience on a Bulk or a Multiple URL opener extension. And these are:   

1. Simple Layout 

Using the Bulk or Multiple URL Opener only allows some of the outside help. Accessing it and performing all tasks is extremely simple and straightforward. 

2. Consistency 

The next productivity or quality that you will find in it is consistency. So, you will never lose accuracy while accessing and performing this tool. 

3. Fast & Secure 

From the perspective of security, you will find it extremely secure as installing and using it takes a guarantee not to harm your system. Moreover, if you see its frequency, then you find it result oriented and faster than others. 

4. Free to Use 

The best part is installing it doesn’t cost you anything as it is free to install and access. So use it without any worries as much as you want.

5. Support all Browsers 

Another specification is that it is compatible with almost every web browser. So you don’t need to worry about tackling any safety and security issues or regulations while using it on your system. A number of compatible web browsers are Mozilla, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.

Productivity of a Bulk URL Opener

1. No Strings Attached

First, it doesn’t ask you to log in or sign up to access its features like other URL Opener extensions. Thus, the Bulk or Multiple URL Opener is free to use as it doesn’t collect any consumer data. Moreover, it is generation friendly; whether you are a child or an adult, you can use it as long as you stay connected to the Internet.

2. Fewer Ads 

The Bulk URL Opener Extension is meant for you if you don’t like watching unskippable ads. The fact is that it has very few or fewer ads on its main page. Consequently, it makes the user experience extremely seamless, with the least ad breaks. 

3. Unlimited Websites 

Lastly, it doesn’t restrict its users to any limit as it allows them to open a number of websites via bulk URL opener. However, it is recommended to open approximately 15-20 websites simultaneously. So you can neglect to fill your browser with a lot of open tabs or windows at the same time. As a result, your system won't freeze or stop in the middle of working. Moreover, the Bulk or Multiple URL Opener works for web URLs. That means you don't have to be concerned about whether it's shortened URLs, web applications, the website itself, or any other unique system. Everything you need to do is to enter a web page link, then click on Open all URLs. And that’s how you can open all the URLs in new tabs or windows. Remember, most things depend on the settings of your web browser. 

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