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Are you still searching for a source that helps combine all the open tabs you prefer to work on daily? Then, your search may end here. Yes, as here we are going to introduce a Bulk URL Opener extension, or you can say Multiple URL Opener extension. Which is a free-to-use and easily accessible extension that you can compatibly with your Firefox web browser. Moreover, using this extension lets you open all your tabs with one click. 

Thus, everything that you need to do is to install this Bulk URL Opener Extension on your system. And then, click on its icon, which you can see next to the toolbar. Doing so will pop up the Bulk URL Opener's interface. Multiple URL Openers is a large pane containing a list of all tabs that are occupying your current window. Keep in mind that it follows a per-window basis to make things work. If you don’t know, the pane here belongs to the URL field, which appears as a text box. 

How to Use the Bulk URL Opener Extension? 

1. Once you apply the above-given information correctly, copy and paste all the links that you want to open in the box. And then, click on the button named “Open Links.” 

2. Consequently, the Multiple URL opener extension will load all the links in new tabs, which you can name as per your choice. If you deleted all the contents in it, opting for the "Get links of all opened tabs'' will be your only option. 

3. All you have to do is to click away and reopen the add-ons window. You are not done yet, as next, you will see an icon next to the extension’s name in the pop-up notification. It is necessary to click on it to open the add-ons interface in its own window. 

4. However, implementing this process is completely optional, but you can apply it in order to recover your tabs. Avoid using any special format over the pasted URLs, but ensure there’s only one URL per line.  

5. So it will be easy for you to import links that you've carried out from other text files, extensions, etc. Next, the extension will open all the links that you have pasted in the same window. 

6. If you want to open links in a separate window, open a new window before using the extension to load the list of tabs. The user can even use the extension to save the URLs from all loaded tabs. 

7. Remember, there are two ways to use this Bulk URL extension Opener. First, copy and paste it into a text file to save the links. Alternatively, you can even use the list in a different web browser if you need to.   

8. Secondly, click on the “New List” button to save the tabs via add-ons built-in list manager. You can easily access the list from the drop-down menu in the pop-up interface's left corner.         

9. Consider it more like saving a browsing session with the ability to edit or delete the list whenever you want to. It might be possible the list won’t open the links quickly but will display them.    

10. To open the loaded list, use the “Open Links” button. And if you don’t want to open all the tabs at once? Then, it would help if you loaded a selected tab by enabling the last option on the Bulk URLOpener’s settings page. 

11. Further, you need to export your settings and tab lists. And then, save the script in a text file but don’t forget to import them back by pasting the script. If you don’t know, the Bulk URLOpener has an inbuilt setting.

12. And enabling this setting helps in extracting a URL from the cord. You will find it handy by pasting text somewhere containing a link rather than using an URL.  

13. The user even has the option to use the extension to perform an online search. Either by using DuckDuckGo, Google, or Bing with the non-URL text as the keyword.

14. This Bulk URL Opener Extension even has an inbuilt night theme, which you can modify by you. But at the same time, it may affect the Settings page. And that’s how you can download the Bulk URL Opener extension for a Firefox Web browser. Which is more like an open source when it comes to accessing it.     

Key Characteristics of Bulk or Multiple URL Opener 

1. Enables opening multiple URLs within a single click.

2. It even lets you open each URL from the list of URLs in the meantime before it opens the next URL.

3. Besides focusing on opened tabs, it can even focus on the one that is opening now.

4. Accessing it lets you load, save, edit/update and delete lists of URLs. So a user can easily store and use a bulk amount of URLs.

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